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Recently lost a loved one?

If you have been named as the executor in a will then you will need to apply for a Grant of Probate to deal with all of the deceased's affairs. Our legal team are here to answer any questions you have and give you the Probate service that you need in the Mill Hill area.

We are here to help with a range of issues such as deputyship applications, lasting powers of attorney and applications for Grant of Probate. Not all estates will require Probates as it depends on the total value of the estate, if you are unsure about whether Probate is required, please give us a call.

Want a Probate?

• Obtaining the Death Certificate

• Finding out the assets and liabilities of estates

• Completing the Probate application forms

• Settling any debts

• Dealing with Income Tax and Inheritance Tax

Our Probate service includes:

Trying to sort out getting the Death Certificate?

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